What A Weather

Posted by Chuams at 10/19/2010 11:30:00 AM

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Need not to say... it's been long since I last posted anything..
no excuses.. its solely my fault.. =P

Well.. what I got to say this time is that..
Global warming sure does take its toll...

recalling about the same time the past years..
it will be raining almost everyday from 4 or 5pm..
till 6 or 7pm.. almost without fail that I will be
drenched by the time i reached home cycling back home from campus.. =/

Instead these days... It's pouring hot shiny sun rays on top of me..
Could have not make it to campus without my back soaked with sweat..
heck.. with such weather.. I could not even get a good night sleep
without waking up before the alarm rings.. >__>

A little something

Posted by Chuams at 7/03/2010 03:24:00 PM

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weeee... I know I have been neglecting this blog of mine...

Haven't been updating for ages now.. =P

Oh well... I think I will be updating soon..
as for now... All I can tell is that I just got myself
another 1TB HDD... =D

WD My Essential Book... a standing 1.. with nice
ventilation.. though I don't think I will be letting it
on long till that I heats up...

FYI.. my old 1TB HDD is full... for like 3 or 4 months now...
had been deleting stuff since then.. and finally got the cash
to get a new one..

so that's all for now.. =/

Just a B.U.M.P Post

Posted by Chuams at 4/11/2010 09:23:00 PM

Sunday, April 11, 2010

B.U.M.P , peoples

just so you all know I'm not deserting this blog just yet

after this coming week then I will have some better posting..
wait till I'm free from assignments..

last 3 assignments... even though it's almost the end of the study semester..

what a bummer... and there I thought I could rest a week before starting some real studying for the finals..

P.S : B.U.M.P --> Bringing Up My Post

After-CNY Resolutions

Posted by Chuams at 3/07/2010 10:41:00 PM

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I know… I know…
This is supposed to be like 2 weeks ago right…
I’m to be blamed for such late posting (as if there are others to blame.. =O )

Anyway, as the title reads..
Everyone has something that they wanted to change for the better every year..
and not to be left out.. I have some of my own..

and yes.. mine is after CNY since it’s hard to change for anything especially it was still during the holiday season..
so let’s not make this post any longer and start with the listing..

1) 1st would of course to update my blog more frequently
(twice a month at the very least)

2) Attend every class.. =D

3) Not to be later than 5 mins to enter classes
(I think this would be the hardest to achieve)

4) Eliminates D’s and attain at least an A in every semester

5) Finish my anime download list

6) Not to rush assignments
(it sucks lots especially u have more than 1 due in a week)

7) Be a better person and less of a jerk.
(Does people thought of me as a jerk?)

8) Get more rest.
(to have this as a resolution..I must have got very less sleep)

9) Lose at least 5kg every semester.. =D

10) Get to know more of my own course mates.
(Sadly to say, I only knew a handful of them)

I guess that enough.. anymore and I don’t think I will be able to achieve them.. =O